Meet Rev. Alvarez

Meet Rev. Alvarez

Rev. Melissa J. Alvarez is an interfaith and non-denominational ordained wedding minister. She is a graduate of the United Interfaith Ministries, Inc. (UIM) Interfaith Minister Training Program. She served on the Board of Directors of UIM following her graduation for three years.

Rev. Alvarez officiated weddings on a part-time basis from 2003-2007 while working full-time at the Pennsylvania State University. She officiated weddings mostly for couples who had no church home, religious affiliation, or interest in having a traditional wedding. Her clientele desired an intimate, unique, moving, and memorable ceremony in settings that carried special meaning. Rev. Alvarez specializes in custom outdoor weddings, destination weddings, interfaith and non-denominational weddings, intercultural and intimate unions.

Due to a temporary relocation in order to work internationally for Habitat for Humanity’s headquarters, Rev. Alvarez opted to take a sabbatical from wedding ministry. Rev. Alvarez now works full-time for The Nature Conservancy from her home office. This role requires a lot of travel throughout the U.S.A., which limits Rev. Alvarez's availability to officiate weddings. However, she still enjoys sharing in couple's most memorable moments and is happy to officiate weddings scheduled during time frames where she is in Brevard county.

Highlights of Relevant Professional & Service Work:

People who know Rev. Alvarez consider her to be a very open and warm-hearted person. She tries to live by example guided by Mahatma Gandhi's words “You must be the change you wish to see in the world." Rather than going by the Golden Rule, Rev. Alvarez lives by the Platinum Rule, “Treat people as they themselves would want to be treated.”

Rev. Alvarez believes it is an honor and privilege to share in the special moments of people’s lives and will do all in her power to ensure your ceremony is unique, moving, and memorable.

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